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#30 The Year Ahead

It’s that time of year when we look forward and think about what we want to achieve in the next 12 months. 

My blog posts this year are going to focus alternatively on School Can’t and ND Burnout.

Starting in February I’ll be posting on the 1st of each month (or the closest week day) about School Can’t and concepts directly related to it. Then on the 15th of each month (or the closest week day) I’ll post about ND Burnout and concepts directly related to that.

There is overlap between these two topics in that ND Burnout is often present in kids who experience School Can’t. But ND Burnout can happen at any time through the lifespan, not just whilst we are of school age.

School Can’t is when a child is struggling to attend or engage with a formal education. It can be anywhere from a child attending school but is unable to engage with learning through to being unable to attend at all for extended periods of time and experiencing extreme stress or a shutdown nervous system.

ND Burnout is when you get to the point where you are physically and/or mentally exhausted just doing the day-to-day things of your life. There are nuances to ND burnout based on whether it is coming from being autistic or an ADHDer or some other aspect of being part of the neurominority. But all ND Burnout is characterised by both physical and/or mental exhaustion – that feeling of wading through mud and a head full of cotton wool, along with a reduced ability to cope with stress and life in general. ND burnout happens because the demands of living in a world set up for the neuromajority slowly wears down those in the neurominority until they have nothing left. And yes, anyone can experience burnout, but that is because they are taking on too much, whereas ND burnout can happen when you are just doing a “normal” load in an environment that isn’t set up to support your neurotype.

I look forward to sharing more about these two important topics for our ND community over the coming year.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of great new content coming this year, stay tuned.

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