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#17 Launching Services

·        I’m here, I get you, I got you

·        Diverse support options for the neurodivergent community

·        I look forward to hearing from you

I'm here; I get you; I got you

I'm here, because I want to support the ND community in a compassionate, neuro-affirming, trauma-informed way, sharing and using my lived experience as a late self-identified autistic cis-woman with two AuDHD children, a cis-boy and a non-binary afab. Married for over 20 years to a cis-man I met in my first year at uni where I studied psychology right through to a PhD.  

I get you, I know what it is like to need to talk to someone who just gets it, someone who you don't need to explain why your child who is one of the most caring people you know just told an adult that they have a big nose with no ill intent whatsoever. I get what it is like to love your child unconditionally, but they’ve had a hard day just like you being an ND in an NT world and you’ve both just had a meltdown. I've got you, I want to provide you and our ND community with a safe space that supports you wherever you are on your journey.

Diverse support options for the neurodivergent community

Not everyone can or wants to use mouth words to access support, so in order to be able to support the ND community in the most flexible way possible, I’m pleased to be able to offer email coaching, alongside live chat, video and phone coaching. So if you want a mix of mouth and written words, we can connect over video meeting or if you want just mouth words than we can connect via the phone. Or a mix of all of these as it suits you.

Email coaching is also more efficient and cost effective because you contribute to the coaching in your own time, when and how that suits – we don’t have to make a time that suits both of us because we individually contribute to the coaching at different times. It can be more cost effective as you don’t “pay” for my time as you formulate your thoughts and questions, you only pay for my time when I am responding.

I look forward to hearing from you

Please feel free to connect through socials or using the contact page or via email at sandra@sandrabellndcoach.com.au if you’d like to comment on anything or to find out how I can support you in whatever way you need.

Thanks for reading. 

I'm here; I get you; I got you!

If you'd like to know more, you can go to the Contact page and send me an enquiry – I’d love to hear from you.