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#1 The Launch
  • I'm here; I get you; I got you!
  • Launching the blog and services
  • Lived experience, ND affirming and trauma informed

I'm so excited to be posting this very first blog entry for my new coaching service, Sandra Bell ND Coach.

I'm here; I get you; I got you.

I'm here because I want to support the ND community. I know what it is like to need to talk to someone who just gets it, someone who you don't need to explain why your child who is one of the most caring people you know just told an adult that they have a big nose with no ill intent whatsoever. I've got you, I want to provide you and our ND community with a safe space that supports you wherever you are on your journey.

Launching the blog with services to follow in the new year.

This blog post has been a long time coming. I want to serve the ND community.

This blog will be to provide psycho-education and an ND viewpoint.

The services to follow will be to provide bespoke support. I will provide email coaching and/or telehealth sessions (via phone or video). Email coaching can be especially useful for when carving out a specific time is too much of a challenge, or a combination of the two.

Lived experience, ND affirming and trauma informed

​​I am autistic, and I have 2 AuDHDers, or children that are autistic and ADHDers. On my journey so far some of the things I have experienced are: being bullied myself (as a child and as an adult); my children being bullied; being told I was parenting wrong; having a gender diverse child; a child with school can't; a child with life can't; PDA; autistic burnout; buying into that my child was the problem before I knew better; making parenting mistakes and needing to change my perspective...

I recognise that while a lot of people might focus on our challenges, and our children's challenges, and even the more well-meaning strengths focus, what I think we really need to do is focus on being ND affirming; and that trauma is not only having one big life event that impacts you, but can happen just by feeling like a square peg in a round role. every. single. day.

Thanks for reading.

I'm here; I get you; I got you!

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